About us


I started work as an apprentice basket maker serving three years; I worked on the plank for a further three years for the same company.

In 1976 I moved to Somerset as a training officer I trained fourteen young people over the next three years some are still basket making to this day.
In 1979 I took over the management of the company in Somerset. I then had to learn all there is know about the growing of willow this was a steep learning curve for me as I knew very little about the growing of the willow only the using of it. After about five years the parent company went out of business so I came back to Lancashire.

With no basket making companies left in Mawdesley, I started up my own business getting back to working on the plank again making baskets the old and only way for me it was hard work finding outlets for well made British baskets but by looking for items that are different like i.e. coffins this helped me pay the bills giving me time to get known, I now make a lot of different types of baskets so if you have an idea for a item like a sidecar for a bike baskets for cars or anything else give me a try.